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Sell Your Business

Eventually one of three things will happen to your business: It will be sold; It will be transferred to a relative, friend, partner, or employee; or it will simply shut down. Of these, except for the last, involve a sale in one form or another. Auto Shop Brokers is here to assist you with that.  

Buy a Business

Auto Shop Brokers maintains the largest database of automotive businesses for sale. If you are looking to buy a business, give us a call. Many listings are not published, as some sellers require absolute confidentiality. We will guide you through the purchasing and financing process. 

Exit Strategy Planning

Selling your business is much more than listing your business for sale. Maximizing proceeds at time of sale can takes years of planning. Let our experts help you plan your exit strategy. We can give you today’s value of your business, and the steps necessary to increase value for an anticipated future sale. 

We're More Than Just Brokers

We are experienced business owners and brokers, with specialized knowledge of what it takes to buy and sell automotive related businesses.

About Us

Auto Shop Brokers is a full-service business

and real estate brokerage firm specializing in automotive businesses. With decades of experience, a vast knowledge of the industry, and a strong network of contacts, we offer comprehensive and unparalleled services to both buyers and sellers. Formally recognized by the BBP (Business Brokerage Press) as an Industry Expert, Auto Shop Brokers has special expertise in business valuation and buyer financing. We offer free consultations. We want you to feel confident that Auto Shop Brokers is the best choice for you.

Our Services

Why Choose Auto Shop Brokers?

We deal exclusively with automotive businesses, so we know what it’s like to own and operate one. We understand the equipment, the customers, vendor relationships, legal considerations, taxes, and everything else specific to the automotive services industry. As experts in valuation, we can tell you what your business is worth now—and how to increase its market value.

Premium Lists

As a buyer, you’ll have access to our extensive list of businesses for sale (many unpublished) and we’ll assist you in finding financing.

Avoid Mistakes

You will avoid costly mistakes. Choosing a specialty business broker like Auto Shop Brokers ensures you have all your legal and financial matters well in hand.

Custom Tailored

We don’t just list auto companies for sale and leave buyers and sellers to figure it out on their own— we’re hands-on, and tailor the process based on your individual needs.


All of our services are performed in a completely confidential manner at all times so relationships with customers, vendors, and employees remain stable.

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Honesty and Integrity

The keys to our success

We take great pride in our customer service and work closely with our clients throughout the entire process.  So give us a call—we’re sure we can help you!